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Ex-Demo FX Chronometer True Ballistic Chronograph CE

Ex-Demo FX Chronometer True Ballistic Chronograph CE

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This is currently being used as a demonstrator model until sold, price reflects this.

This outdoor chronograph uses a radar beam to analyzes a bullet’s trajectory. It measures bullet velocity between 400 and 4000 fps (122 and 1220 m/s) and shows multiple velocities on pre-set distances.

It is very compact and only needs to be placed next to a gun and aimed towards the target to make accurate measurements, even in the rain as it is fully waterproof.

Measuring 7.4x9.6” (19x25 cm) and weighing 1.8 lbs (820 grams) it is charged via USB and connects to the FX radar app via Bluetooth

Side screen buttons allow easy scrolling to adjust settings and parameters. Units can be adjusted between fps, m/s, Joules and ft/lbs and the radar frequency can be adjusted to enable the use of multiple chronographs at once.

Extras : Case / USB Cable

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