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WU7000 WULF Reticle Levelling System

WU7000 WULF Reticle Levelling System

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To avoid bullet impact error, the Wulf Reticle Levelling System was born.

This professional and highly advanced tool allows for a Scope to become perfectly level on any firearm, with ease and style, and is the most effective instrument available for precision Scope alignment.


Built on 4 key factors:

  • Accuracy - Each level has an integrated Bubble Level for precise measurement and the Reference Level has a magnetic bottom for added stability.
  • Versatility - Adjustable Barrel Clamp Level fits around even the largest diameter barrels, including Shotguns.
  • Durable - Precision machined aluminum with an anodized finish.
  • Non-Destructive - Barrel Clamp Level features non-marring pads to ensure no damage is done at the contact points.
  • All this plus CNC machining and factory adjusted calibration set screws come together to put this tool in a league of its own.


Weight: 0.2kg
Bubble level length (A): 45mm / 1.77"
Bubble level width (B): 11mm / 0.43"
Height (C): 100mm / 3.93"
Width (D): 75mm / 2.95"




  • WULF Unlimited Lifetime Warranty


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